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If you would like to share a quick idea for a workshop, topic, or a speaker you’d like to see at Take Back The Net, please add your thoughts below. You'll have to use the buttons in at the upper right to sign in to this wiki or make an account.

Topic ideas

[ASK] Alternative FOSS tools for everything


  • StoryMaker - mobile app + course to "tell stories" and using secure tech (The Guardian Project)
  • OwnCloud - private cloud which runs on your server used as replacement for Picasa, Google Calendar, Drop Box
  • Responsible Data Forum - network including hosting providers (Greenhost, Kumbit ...) that look after your security (email, web)
  • SEARX - host your own web search index/server
  • SureSpot - encrypted chat for iPhone and Android
  • ChatSecure - "off the record" encrypted chat using existing chat accounts like xmpp (jabber, jitsi), google, facebook (The Guardian Project)
  • KeePass - password vault (remember 1 password, have different and secure passwords on each website/service)