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Event programme




In the spirit of free and open source software development, most of Opt Out: Take Back The Net! will have an unconference format.

Unconferences are participant driven, the agenda will be created by the attendees. Organisations, activists, service providers and technologists can propose sessions ranging in scope from roundtable discussions to hands-on workshops. If you have any idea, a topic you wish to discuss or a speaker in mind, please add it below.

Human Rights and Internet Protocols

Organiser: Avri Doria Description: The Internet is a network that empowers at the edges, rather that the centre, rendering it a profoundly democratic and rights-fostering platform. Human rights are principles that seek to empower those at the margins rather than at the centre of power, rendering them a fundamentally empowering framework for individuals. This paper explores human rights and Internet protocols by comparing the processes for their making and the principles by which they operate.


On the evening of 4 June 2014, we will host a Disco-tech where attendees will listen to short lightening talks over drinks and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere. Lightening talks will be only 60 seconds, but anyone who submits their name and talk title will be welcomed to speak.

FLOSS Prize Ceremony

Winners of the 2014 Chris Nicol FLOSS Prize will be announced. More information here: flossprize.apc.org.