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Sessions A

A3 Bldg - 103

Sessions B

A3 Bldg - 106

Sessions C

A4 Bldg - 204

Sessions D

A4 Bldg - 205

Sessions E

A4 Bldg - 206

11:30 - 12:00; 1:30-2:00 Online activism & engagement in the Age of Slacktivism

Being public for activism without using FB & Twitter

More collaboration between feminist activists and hackerspaces. How?

Sharing feminist server

Security online

How do I keep myself secure online?

Cryptography for ordinary people

Secure email services/tools, PGP Secure instant messaging/OTR

Social networks threat to privacy or opportunity for NGOs
14:00 - 15:30 Me Me Me: untangling identity & consumerism

Public interest/rights/democracy vs Corporate profits/The right to make money

Combatting hate speech online

Anonymity is vital for Freedom of Expression If we don't want to touch the right to anonymity: what are the strategies to deal with hate and stalking? Ethical norms in media/journalism, offline and online in social networks

FOSS server is it possible?

Alternative FOSS solutions that keep me away from surveillance How should we protect peoples data (privacy, security ) in our own online tools and databases?


Secure email services/tools, PGP Secure instant messaging/OTR

Open source: DDOS, protection
16:00 - 17:30 Discussion beta version of feminist internet

Feminist principles of the internet

Tails: portable/live operating system Policy and Techie coherence: Risk assessment, Policy shaping and Tech development

Bringing stronger security practices to organisations by using team learning

Tracking (skillshare)

How do I leave traces online and what can I do about them

Privacy and safety strategies for women's rights activists

Facing internet or online violence against women human rights defenders (WHRD)